First of all, when choose a sharing service, you must pay attention to the platforms that are supported.
Think about what platforms are on the computers of all your employees, or companies with whom you work, it is better to know in advance than to change the service later.

Some of the services, such as iCloud and Windows Live SkyDrive have been created specially for specific platforms (first as you can understand for Mac OSX, the second one for Windows). Box’s platform extends far beyond the service itself. It’s made for the web and designed as an open platform
Others sharing service are shown below in the table

PLATRORMS Dropbox SugarSync MobileMe Wuala 4shared Syncplicity ZumoDrive
Windows XP/Vista/7 support YES YES NO YES YES YES YES
Linux support YES NO NO YES YES NO YES

So as you can see the Mac OSX and Windows are supported by almost all the clouds, the only problem is Linux support.

I have considered the most common sharing services, there are plenty of other, lesser known, but it absolutely does not mean that they are better or worse.

In the very near future I will write about the support for mobile platforms, comparative characteristics of the price.

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